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India’s most loved leader, Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee passes away.

By P.I. Staff Writer

Breaking News:- India is grieving the loss of one of its most influential leaders and ex-president of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is indeed a sad day for the nation as we have a great leader and an influential thinker. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who came to the AIMS hospital in Delhi for his routine checkup was hospitalized and has been...

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Sacred Games: Why India most popular web series is top trending on Netflix in the world?

By P.I. Staff Writer

Sacred Games Now India has also come in the competition when it comes to the web series market. India's most popular series is launched and it keeps running on track till now. It is trending...

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The most popular honeymoon destinations for Indians.

By P.I. Staff Writer

With the rise in the use of social network and the obsession of being up-to-date, honeymoon has become the new sensation with couples wanting to go to the best destinations. Couples are discussing where they...


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How an emotional scene from Main Hoon Na is making us all laugh.

By P.I. Staff Writer

We all loved the movie 'Mein Hoon Na' for the emotional and funny story that it had. Shahrukh Khan has...

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Watch how Kriti Sanon welcomes Mubarakan in Bindaas style.

By P.I. Staff Writer

[google-translator] Mubarakan stars are all out to...

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Horny couple found having sex on a speeding bike.

By P.I. Staff Writer

We have all have needs and recently sex has been added on the list as well. This couple went out to literally prove it when they were seen having sex on a speeding motorbike in Paraguay. watch picture 1. This...

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Eighteen year old virginity for sale, how much would you bid?

By P.I. Staff Writer

In a latest news surfacing the internet, the virginity of a 18 year old girl is up for sale. Kim,...

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Celebrities you won’t believe are sex addicts.

By P.I. Staff Writer

It is common in today's world for people to accept sex as a need. But, there are people who go...

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Top 10 cities where sex is easily available.

By P.I. Staff Writer

There was a time when talking about sex openly was a taboo. But with growing awareness and knowledge, people are...

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How to make sure your bf forgets every other girl after you make love to him?

By P.I. Staff Writer

Do you face the problem of your boyfriend raving about every second girl that passes by? Do you want to...