Reasons You Must Watch Kangana Ranaut On Koffee With Karan In Case You Missed The Episode!

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Kangana Ranaut has always been in the headlines, be it for her outright and witty attitude or her own conflicts. Among her film promotion for Rangoon , she made an appearance on koffee with Karan and she was her unapologetic self on the show as well. In case you missed the episode, here are a few reasons you should actually take the effort to watch it. 

Kangana wants to make sense of the episode-
She began by saying that the show though doesn’t aim to make much sense, she would like to give it some dignity. She said that since Saif is the real nawab and she is the so called filmy queen, she would like to make sense of the show.
Karan had rejected her and made fun of her English in the past-
Kanagana openly said that she knew Karan had expected nothing to come out of her. Infact, Karan had also made fun of her English. But if it wasn’t for all the mocking, she wouldn’t be what she is today. She in a way thanked Karan for all of it.
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