Your Favorite Color Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality. Check Out Something Might Surprise You.

Your Favorite Color Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality. Check Out Something Might Surprise You.

April 19, 2015 Off By P.I. Staff Writer
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1. Red

 You are energetic, active and love to be a center of attraction. You are an extrovert and optimistic. You are ambitious and have the strength to pursue your dream. You are generally very impatience and have a short attention span. You have a tendency of getting aggressive and you often exhibit a violent temper.

2. Green- 

You are very optimistic and always think of the positive aspect of the situations. You believe in growth and development for all. You are a nature and animal lover. You are less social and very down to earth. You are compassionate and love being loved. You tend to be a good partner with no hidden secrets. You are not a risk taker and action oriented. Rather you are an observer. You are not much passionate but you like to win in an argument.

3. Blue- 

Being male’s favorite color, the blue lovers are responsible, reliable and self dependent. You are generally introvert and do not trust anyone so easily. You think a lot before doing anything. Though most of are even- tempered but sometimes you become moody, emotional, cool or indifferent. U people are generally calm and peace loving but may outburst in extreme situations. You are rigid and stubbornly stick to your way of doing things even if there is a better way to do it.


5. Yellow- 

You are very energetic, creative and full of life. You often lack in concentration power. You make people fall in love with you by your witty nature and sense of humor. You are always satisfied with what you have. You are youthful and romantic and will respect your partner. You are sometimes very short tempered. You have an ability to communicate with similar minded people nicely but becomes bitter if it crossed.

6. Purple/Violet- 

Purple is the color of luxury. Purple lovers are sophisticated, elegant, and take cares of their looks a lot. You people are passionate for love. You are compassionate, sensitive, emotional. These people are very social and love to be a part of high profile social gatherings. You spend most of your time in your fantasies and do not think of the practical aspects of life. But you dream high and do whatever is possible to achieve it. People often consider you arrogant and full of negative attitude, but that doesn’t really matter for you. Purple lovers are very mysterious and secretive.

7. Orange- 

Orange is the color of youth. Orange lovers are youthful and ambitious. You generally posses good leadership qualities and are short tempered. You enjoy the life utmost. You are spiritual and believe in a power that controls everything and possessed by humans. You often get distracted from your goal due to external influence.

8. Black 

You are sophisticated and decent. You love to have prestige and power in your hand. You take the situations of life in a different manner than others. You are reserved and introvert in nature. You don’t trust people easily but you are a faithful partner. You don’t allow people to interrupt your personal life. You have your unique style and fashion sense. You often feel insecure due to the negativity that surrounds you.

9. Brown- 

Brown is a earthy color. You people are very down to earth and hard working. You always prefer comfort over aesthetics. Brown lovers are intellectual and they have good guiding skills also. You have an ability to hide emotions at times and you also don’t like surprises. You always need a secure environment and hence your family is important for you.

10. Pink- 

Pink is a girlish color. Pink lovers are sweet, innocent, soft heart, sensitive and calm in nature. You are kind and fashionable. You are famous among the opposite sex and have an attractive personality. You are very emotional. When it comes to relationships, you people remain unsure of it and that reflects the immature girlish side of pink. You are a good person but sometimes act silly and immature.