India- the next hotspot for Corona Virus outbreak.

India- the next hotspot for Corona Virus outbreak.

March 23, 2020 Off By P.I. Staff Writer
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India could be the next hotspot for Coronavirus outbreak as the number of cases are increasing day in and day out. Considering the number of population in the country along with the way people live here, the poor crammed up in little spaces, there is very little way that can work in terms of social distancing in the country with the vast density of population. Though the country has so far reported around 468 cases of coronavirus, the count just keeps on increasing by the hour and it is not long before the outbreak will turn into a huge point of concern for all.

Though the growth number has been slow now, it will be higher and will keep on increasing as the days pass. Though Modi says the country is doing its best to fight out coronavirus, many believe that the best may not be enough to contain the infection. The country is taking the situation in a rather casual manner at the moment with many people going on their lives as usual and not being bothered by the panic and standown in the country.

Maharashtra is the key concern of the country as it recorded the highest number of patients and the count keeps on increasing. The financial capital of the country is not backing down in terms of the total number of cases. The next couple of days are highly critical for the country and it is very important that we take drastic steps at our own end to prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible.

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The government is doing its best with creation of multiple quarantine facilities and giving out information and does and donts about the pandemic at hand. Its time we realize what is at stake and take this issue seriously before it destroys us completely.