Fabelio is offering upto 70% discount on all furniture category.

May 10, 2019 Off By P.I. Staff Writer
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Many of you may have recently got aware of the brand, Fabelio which is a huge hit in Indonesia. The only reason that the brand is lately getting popular and the awareness around it is increasing is because the company has recently announced that it is on the verge of getting a series C funding. The company which raised $6.5 million in its series B funding plans to make it huge in the Indonesian market.
The company has a very clear goal of increasing its brand presence and making a irreplaceable identity in the local Indonesian market. The company offers vast discount on its furniture products in the local market and gives users extra benefits to make the best of the discounts.

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The company claimed that the series C will be the last round of funding and after this, the company will go into profitability. The last rounds of funding will be closed by August.