Will India see a rise in salary in 2019?

Will India see a rise in salary in 2019?

May 25, 2018 Off By P.I. Staff Writer

According to latest survey, Salary Budget Planning Report conducted by Wilis Towers Watson, the salary of Indians will rise by 19% in the year 2019.

Salary rises in India are consistent at a 10% increase each year and it is among the highest rise that is seen across nations in the Asia Pacific region. Indonesia and China will see a rise of 8% and 6% each respectively.

Sambhav Rakyan, Data Services Practice Leader of Asia Pacific said, ” India continues to show higher growth in salary due to the economic growth, social reforms and cautious optimism across sectors. Also, technology and robots are expected to bring about a change in the way things are working out currently”.

Indian's Salary Hike in 2019

The MNCs will be likely to easily implement this rise in salary since the dollar rate won’t be affected much by this hike but the Indian companies will take into consideration their current costs and profits.

Coming to sectors, the pharmaceutical companies will see the highest percentage jump in salaries followed by banks. The banking sector has seen a significant growth in the year 2018 leading to different changes.