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Dangerous OTP online banking scam makes people lose lakhs.

By P.I. Staff Writer

People are falling prey to an online banking scam and it is resulting in people losing lakhs of rupees. If you thought that OTPs are the safest mode of transactions, you are in for a shocker. There are fraudsters using OTP's itself to carry out fraud transactions. This is how it all happens. It simply begins by fraudsters posing as...

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Global study reveals secrets about Indian workers.

By P.I. Staff Writer

Recently a Global Study done has revealed some secrets of Indian workers. The study says that Indians are the most hardworking people in the entire world. According to a latest survey done, the result says...

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Prince and Yuvika’s pre-wedding pictures are giving us couple goals.

By P.I. Staff Writer

Prince Narula and Yuvika Choudhury are all set to tie the knot in the coming days. The couple who recently announced their wedding have been in the news from a long time for their affair....


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Kangana Ranaut looks like a royal queen in Manikarnika teaser.

By P.I. Staff Writer

The teaser of the latest movie of Kangana Ranaut has released and it is definitely much more than what we...

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Homosexuality is no more crime in India – Supreme Court.

By P.I. Staff Writer

Homosexuality finally sees new hopes as it is no longer a crime in India. The ban on sex against "the order of nature" has finally gained acceptance in India. A five judge bench passed the law and many put out...

June 12, 2017 Off

Horny couple found having sex on a speeding bike.

By P.I. Staff Writer

We have all have needs and recently sex has been added on the list as well. This couple went out...

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Eighteen year old virginity for sale, how much would you bid?

By P.I. Staff Writer

In a latest news surfacing the internet, the virginity of a 18 year old girl is up for sale. Kim,...

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Celebrities you won’t believe are sex addicts.

By P.I. Staff Writer

It is common in today's world for people to accept sex as a need. But, there are people who go...

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Top 10 cities where sex is easily available.

By P.I. Staff Writer

There was a time when talking about sex openly was a taboo. But with growing awareness and knowledge, people are...