“Virat Kohli’s Bengaluru Cafe Under Fire for Late-night Operations”

“Virat Kohli’s Bengaluru Cafe Under Fire for Late-night Operations”

Recently, Bengaluru Police cracked down on several pubs on MG Road, including One8 Commune co-owned by cricketer Virat Kohli, for staying open beyond the permissible hours. City regulations mandate pubs to close by 1 am, but these establishments were found serving customers until 1:30 am, prompting the police to file a First Information Report (FIR) at Cubbon Park Police Station.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Central responded to residents’ complaints about late-night loud music in the area, leading to the discovery that three to four pubs were violating closing time rules on the night of July 6th. Notably, One8 Commune on Kasturba Road was serving patrons at 1:20 am, directly violating city regulations aimed at maintaining neighbourhood peace and safety.

The FIR underscores a breach of municipal guidelines crucial for preventing disturbances in residential areas during late hours. Such enforcement is vital for ensuring public safety and addressing concerns like noise pollution, which have been persistent issues for Bengaluru residents.

The involvement of Virat Kohli adds prominence to the incident, potentially posing reputational challenges given his stature as a well-known sports personality in India. The outcome of legal proceedings will determine consequences for the pubs involved, highlighting the importance of adhering to regulatory frameworks that balance commercial activities with community welfare.

In summary, the FIR against One8 Commune and other MG Road pubs highlights Bengaluru’s efforts to enforce regulatory standards and address public concerns about noise and late-night activities. It also reflects broader challenges faced by authorities in managing nightlife and upholding urban governance in the city.

P.I. Staff Writer