Militants attack in Kathua ( J&K) kills 5 soldiers

Militants attack in Kathua ( J&K) kills 5 soldiers

In Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district, militants attacked an Army convoy, killing five soldiers and injuring six others with grenades and gunfire. The attackers escaped despite a swift response from security forces. This incident follows a recent attack in Rajouri district and highlights the fragile security situation in the region.

Political leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge condemned the attack and called for strong action against terrorism. Just before this incident, security forces had successfully neutralized six terrorists in Kulgam district, but at the cost of two soldiers’ lives and another injured.

Jammu and Kashmir faces ongoing challenges with militant activities, impacting peace and security efforts. These incidents not only affect local communities but also have broader implications for India’s security policies and international relations.

Despite these challenges, India remains committed to restoring peace and security in the region, honoring the bravery of its soldiers and striving for a peaceful future.

P.I. Staff Writer