This IPS officer is giving a tough competition to bollywood stars.

This IPS officer is giving a tough competition to bollywood stars.

Who says that hot guys are only found in Bollywood. Recently, the blue eyed Chai Wala made headlines when he was spotted and pictures of him started circulating online instantly. After that, there was some woman who was buying vegetables and was praised for her natural beauty.


We have an IPS officer this time who is giving the Bollywood actors a run for their money. We do not believe it when somebody claims that police officers look hot but this man will definitely clear all doubts you have.

Sachin Atulkar IPS 2

Sachin Atulkar who hails from Madhya Pradesh became IPS at just 22 years of age. He is a very for guy and makes sure that he works out everyday to keep himself in shape. Sachin is a very popular face on Facebook and his followers make sure they do not miss even a single picture on his account.

Sachin Atulkar IPS 3

Sachin is an extrovert and has participated in many extra curricular activities as well. In 1999, he participated in cricket at the national level and won a gold medal in it as well. Not just cricket, Sachin has even won a gold medal in horse riding. Now, that is definitely worth an applause.  According to him, exercise helps to keep him fit and keep stress at bay.

Sachin Atulkar IPS

He is always perfectly dressed for every occasion with perfect style and fashion sense for every event. Hence, he is a favorite face for photographers at any event and also gets invites to all the gatherings and parties.

Sachin Atulkar IPS 4

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