Global study reveals secrets about Indian workers.

Global study reveals secrets about Indian workers.

Recently a Global Study done has revealed some secrets of Indian workers. The study says that Indians are the most hardworking people in the entire world.

According to a latest survey done, the result says that Indians are ready to work five days of the week even if they were given a chance to work for less days and earn the same salary. A total of 69% of total Indians employees have said that they would work for five days. Indians were followed by Mexico, US, Australia and France.

Indian Are most hardworking people

Around one third of the total respondents said they would prefer to work four days a week and around 20% would prefer to work three days a week. It also said that around 35% of the respondent were ready to take a pay cut of 20% if they had to work less days a week.

US topped the list when it came to working more than 40 hours a week. Around 49% of the total people in the US work for more than 40 hours every week.

P.I. Staff Writer