Modi Ji, We want Sanitary Napkins More Than Sindoor And Bangles. So Why Is It Still Taxable?

The GST bill is supposed to make basic good and services cheaper while taxing luxury products. This brings some relief in the midst of rising prices of basic goods.

But the latest GST bill is giving us a shocker. It is said that sanitary napkins that are supposed to be one of the most basic needs of a woman will be taxed at 12% only while sindoor and bangles will be tax free.  Wow, its amazing how our government realizes that how important sindoor and bangles are for a woman that they should be tax free. On the other hand, what a luxury it is to use a sanitary napkin that it is taxed at 12%.

Its a irony of life that taxes are so high on sanitary napkins.

P.I. Staff Writer