Have you experienced these scenes with your Mom ?

Have you experienced these scenes with your Mom ?

It is Mother’s day today and we cannot thank our mom enough for all that she has done for us. In India, mothers have a very special place in the heart of their kids. There are so many terms used by us to address our mother – mom, mummy, mumma, maa, etc. All these are not words but emotions. What our mothers do for us reflects their love for us. No matter which family you belong to or which region you come from, these instance have definitely happened with you.

Mom: Remember to turn off the gas in 10 minutes
Me: Yes, i’ll do it
Mom: Please don’t forget about it
Me: I will definitely do it
Mom comes home after an hour and the gas is still turned on.

Me: Mom, I am bored. What should I do?
Mom: Why don’t you tidy up the room or do the dishes.
Me: I just remembered some work I have to do.

Mom: Its Neetu Aunty’s daughter’s wedding and we have to go
Me: Mom, nooo
Mom: Will you make your mom go alone and answer all the relatives about your whereabouts
Me: Ok fine, i will come along.

Me: I just can’t remember this answer. Why are studies so difficult?
Mom: If you can remember every word of the song you were singing earlier in the day, why is it so difficult for you to remember your answers.
Me: Speechless.

P.I. Staff Writer